Chris Christie Isn’t Running for President

Update (10:35 a.m.): In a screaming banner on its website, ABC News reports “Chris Christie Decides Not to Run for President, ABC News Has Learned.” That’s the second news organization to report that Christie will not bend to the wishes of his stubborn supporters and will presumably announce his intentions not to run at 1 p.m. today. Additionally, sources tell Politico’s Ben Smith that the governor and his wife are now “calling top supporters” to say he’s not entering the race. The Washington Post andCNN are also confirming the news.


Update:  Though not sourced to people “close to Christie,” National Review’s Robert Costa says New Jersey Republicans tell him Christie will announce he’s not running for president at today’s press conference.

Coinciding with another much-anticipated announcement this afternoon, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s office set the political Twittering class into a tizzy by issuing a revised schedule today that includes a 1 p.m. press conference at the New Jersey Statehouse. Does he think he’s better than the iPhone or something? Christie has of course been the subject of intense speculationabout his presidential ambitions. The announcement will come as Apple unveils its new iPhone in Cupertino. It also comes as a new Washington Post/ABC poll shows Christie’s name recognition substantially less than what many expected. Any guesses on what he’ll say? Predictions welcome in the comments.


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